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Since 2008, our company has had an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system through which all branches are interconnected with the parent company, allowing complete and real-time monitoring of all operations. of the company, from sales, distribution, accounts receivable, purchases, accounts payable and inventories, to human resource management and accounting.

In 2010 we incorporated an inventory management system (WMS) into our technological platform, which allows us to carry out constant traceability of our products from their entry into our warehouses, to their storage and subsequent dispatch to our customers. as well as the optimization of our storage capacity, the proper rotation of products according to their expiration date and detailed inventory control. This system is interconnected with our ERP through an interface 100% developed in our company by our Systems Management staff.

Since 2012 we have maintained a constant presence on the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in order to achieve a platform for contact and rapprochement with our clients.
Currently, in search of total customer satisfaction and their needs, we are developing a web platform where our affiliated customers can place their orders from the comfort of their office, and monitor their status.

We have the best telephone service, in order to provide you with the ability to place your orders quickly and directly.




Our Transport Logistics

We have our own transport fleet made up of trucks distributed among our branches to add value to our services and deliver medical supplies to our main clients in a timely manner. In addition, the logistics department is operated by a specialized distribution system to ensure that the merchandise is shipped in its entirety before leaving our facilities. All shipments with our fleet are tracked via satellite, which allows us to guarantee punctual and safe deliveries.

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