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Cru-mar, a company founded in 1972 in Barquisimeto, Lara state, Venezuela. With the idea and commitment to offer products related to the medical-surgical area and hospital supplies in general.

Over the years, CRU-MAR, with the same commitment and dedication since its inception, has become one of the main distributors of medical-surgical supplies and supplies for laboratories in the country, achieving the trust and loyalty of its customers and suppliers. 


Provide Surgical Medical Material to our customers with the attention, quality, promptness and best prices that meet their needs, seeking to increase the well-being of our workers and meet the expectations of its shareholders in harmony with society and the environment.

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mission _

Relations with customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities will be honest and ethical and will be carried out in a way that guarantees trust.

Achieve better levels of satisfaction.

Of its Clients, providing quality products and services with distinctive benefits in a timely and continuous manner throughout the region.


Of its Employees, providing an enabling environment for all employees to fully utilize their creativity and talents; fair compensation, good working conditions, and the opportunity for personal growth and development, which will be limited only by individual ability and desire; ensure that each employee is personally involved in the success of the business and that they participate in it.

From its Shareholders, obtaining a sustainable growth in income on investment that is competitive with similar investment opportunities.


From Your Suppliers, developing and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to achieving increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continual improvements in quality, service, timeliness and cost.


Of the Community, practicing good citizenship and creating awareness and respect for the environment. The greatest contribution to our community and our country is to be successful, so that we can maintain stable jobs and create new jobs.

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